Everything starts with a design, that germ of an idea that takes life as sketch and then begins to grow as it turns into a prototype. Not all of those initial ideas will make it. The sketches will give us a good idea if something is worth progressing. Sometimes they may simply be to complex or to boring to take to the next step and will fall by the way side. But if they do make it as far as a prototype then they are doing well. It’s at this stage that we can really start to get a feel for things. There’s actually something to get hold of and move around to see how it will work. Even at this stage there is no guarantee that it will actually come to life. Does it actually match up to the original idea, does it have the feel and detail that we are looking for? Is the quality there? If not then it won’t make it off the work bench. But if it does pass muster then it will finally come to life.