Arid and Victorian Laboratory Base Inserts
Arid and Victorian Laboratory Base Inserts
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Carrying on from where we left off with our last release of the ‘Victorian Street’ base inserts we now have two new styles for you. If you are looking to get your crew off the streets we can give you the option to move them into a nice welcoming ‘Victorian Laboratory’ setting. This could work equally well as a ‘Morgue’, or a ‘Hospital’ depending on what you are looking for.

Victorian Laboratory:

Or if being cooped up in a ‘Laboratory’ or out on the streets isn’t for you and you are looking to get out there exploring you could have a look at our ‘Arid’ or wasteland style inserts. Add a little tumble weed for that ‘Badlands’ feel or drop the temperature and add some snow to give you a nice light base to make your models pop. We feel that these are truly versatile base that are only limited in their use by your imagination. Some examples of these bases in use can be found (here).


These are now available (here) as a Multi Pack containing 2 x 50mm base inserts, 3 x 40mm base inserts and 5 x 30 mm base inserts for £4.95. They are also available in smaller pack sizes of 2 x 50 mm for £1.95, 3 x 40mm for £1.95 and 5 x 30mm for £1.95. The Multi Pack and the 30mm options are also available from Worthy Gaming.

The inserts are designed to fit bevelled bases that have a small rebate in the top and the actual sizes of the inserts are:

o       50mm base inserts have an actual diameter of 40mm

o       40mm base inserts have an actual diameter of 31mm

o       30mm base inserts have an actual diameter of 23mm

These are the second instalment in a series of inserts that we will be producing with ‘Oriental’, ‘Grave Yard’, ‘Western’ and ‘Stage’ themed versions to follow in the not too distant future.

We hope you like these and if there is anything you would like to see from us in the future then please drop us a line and we will see what we can do for you.

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