Victorian Street base inserts
Victorian Street base inserts
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Victorian Street base inserts.

Ok then we have something new for you today. A few weeks ago we were introduced to a new gaming system. Well new to some of us, it turned out Pete already had a copy of the rules and a ‘crew’ since it was released. This new game was ‘Malifaux’ and if you haven’t heard of it then I would recommend having a look. It is a 32mm skirmish game centred around a ‘crew’ of about five models, although the exact size of each crew does vary. The setting for the game is a ‘Steam Punk’, Victorian type of setting so when it came to basing the models we needed to go with something that fitted in with this theme, but we didn’t’ have anything in our range that fitted this and we couldn’t find anything else out there that suited what we were looking for. There were some options out there but they all seemed a little bit expensive for what they were.

So we came up with a few different designs for a whole range of base inserts that could be used and after a request for one style in particular from ‘Worthy Gaming’ we went ahead and produced these ‘Victorian Street’ inserts.

These are now available (here) or from Worthy Gaming as a Multi Pack containing 2 x 50mm base inserts, 3 x 40mm base inserts and 5 x 30 mm base inserts for £4.95. They are also available in smaller pack sizes of 2 x 50 mm for £1.95, 3 x 40mm for £1.95 and 5 x 30mm for £1.95. 

The inserts are designed to fit bevelled bases that have a small rebate in the top and the actual sizes of the inserts are:

o       50mm base inserts have an actual diameter of 40mm

o       40mm base inserts have an actual diameter of 31mm

o       30mm base inserts have an actual diameter of 23mm

These are the first in a series of inserts that we will be producing with ‘Victorian Laboratory’, ‘Wasteland’, ‘Grave Yard’, ‘Western’ and ‘Stage’ themed  versions to follow in the not too distant future.


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