We’re nearly there
5 years, 7 months ago Posted in: News 0

So as promised we’ve had a few more days of work so I though it was time for another update. The main aim since the last update was to get the shop working and I’m happy to report that we now have full integration with PayPal. This will mean that when we go live, and we still aiming for this weekend, all orders will be processed by PayPal Express so everything will be nice and secure.

Next steps are to conduct user testing, and we have a few volunteers lined up to help us with this. There’s still a little bit of content to finalise and then we will have our grand opening, well maybe not to grand but I might have to get Pete cut a ribbon or something.

Hopefully the next update will be to let you all know that the site is now fully working and the shop is open for business. More in few more days.

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