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Arid and Victorian Laboratory Base Inserts

Carrying on from where we left off with our last release of the ‘Victorian Street’ base inserts we now have two new styles for you. If you are looking to get your crew off the streets we can give you the option to move them into a nice welcoming ‘Victorian Laboratory’ setting. This could work [...]

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One of the guys from Red Steel (Preston) has posted some pictures of his Malifaux crew over on the Wyrd-games forum. These are some really nice models. About half way down the page you can see some of our Victorian street base inserts to give you an idea of what they look like in use. [...]

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Victorian Street base inserts

Victorian Street base inserts. Ok then we have something new for you today. A few weeks ago we were introduced to a new gaming system. Well new to some of us, it turned out Pete already had a copy of the rules and a ‘crew’ since it was released. This new game was ‘Malifaux’ and [...]

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Ok then, so it was a big day for us on Saturday. Worthy Painting has expanded with the opening of Worthy Gaming, this is their retail outlet at their offices in the centre of Preston (UK). So what has this got to do with us? Well the simple answer to that is that Worthy Gaming [...]

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Blood Angel flying bases

Ok here we are with another update. Following on from our Storm Boy bases we have now expanded our range with a set of flying bases designed to fit the single engine Blood Angel jump packs. Now your decent of angels can be accomplished on plums of cleansing fire. These are available now in the [...]

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Based on feed back from our regular Flames of War gamers we have made a set of 2” smoke markers for you. Now when your tanks ‘pop smoke’ you can clearly show this on the table top. These markers are similar to our ‘damage/smoke’ markers but are much larger so that you can hide behind them. No more using spare dice, pieces of paper or bits of cotton wool, you [...]

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We're there!

It has taken us a bit of time, probably about eighteen months in all, to get here but we’ve made it. DCB Miniatures opens for business in its own right today. We are moving away from being an e-Bay only seller to having a shop of our own. Ok it’s still an on line shop [...]

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So as promised we’ve had a few more days of work so I though it was time for another update. The main aim since the last update was to get the shop working and I’m happy to report that we now have full integration with PayPal. This will mean that when we go live, and [...]

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Just a quick update to let you know how things are going. As I hope you can see things are starting to take shape. The basic functions of the site are now working, links are in place and the shopping cart is accepting items and the test check out is working. There are some examples [...]